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Capt. S.M.Kabirul Islam, more with than 35 years seagoing and survey experience, heads the Coast To Coast Marine Survey department launched in 2013. Apart from our in-house surveyors, we also have an extensive network of marine surveyors, most of them are Captains/ Chief Engineer with extensive sea-going experience. They are specialized from oil tankers inspections to general cargo surveys. When Coast To Coast: Bangladesh are appointed to attend to a vessel calling in Bangladesh Ports they have access to a vast range of services all under the one roof. A Coast To Coast staff official may be a marine surveyor, a justice of the peace, and a lawyer or paralegal. So, when attending a vessel they can perform a survey, take a witness sworn statement whilst understanding throughout the legal issues and implications. Coast To Coast staff surveyors, have a good working knowledge of local and international maritime law and are trained in claims handling so that when they attend to casualties they do so with more in mind that just assessing damage.


Condition survey

Cargo discharge supervision and check tally

Liquid cargo discharge supervision and shore tank inspection

Damage to Cargo (Liquid Cargo, Dry Cargo).

Ships Collision and grounding

Stevedore damage to vessel

Vessel’s draught and ullage survey

Unsealing of Hatch covers and tanker’s dryness inspection

Recommendations for preventing future losses!


First Ever in survey industry

Service coverage at Chittagong, Mongla and Payra.

Coast To Coast conducts a variety of ship and cargo surveys for a wide base of clients including P&I Clubs, Underwriters, Ship Owners, Ship Operators, Marine Law Firms, Loss Adjusters. Coast To Coast officials and surveyors have extensive claims handlings experience. In-house and listed surveyors are well experienced and served in command of a variety of ship types. Fully competent team to provide Princaipls with professional expert service having on both their legal, marine seagoing experiences and knowledge in the marine/cargo surveying field

Why Coast To Coast for Bangladesh


Meet your survey requirements

P&I survey

– Preventative survey: Pre-loading survey, tally in loading process, measures for loss prevention

– Stowage and lashing survey / approval meet requirement of IMO resolutions

– Ship condition survey: P&I entry survey, follow up survey

– Damage surveys: All types of cargo damage survey, included oil, gas, etc

– Collision surveys: Contact with berth or FFO, investigate causation of incident.


Marine cargo survey

– Draft survey

– Cargo tallying

– Pre-shipment surveys

– Cargo damage surveys

– Project cargo (Oversize, overwidth): Loading monitor, lashing approval etc

– Marine warantee survey (MWS): Identify key and critical risks, assess ship / gears / facilities, and safety approval before lifting

– Supervise cargo handling, stowage, loss/damage preventative survey

– Occupation volume survey

– Bunker and bunkering survey

– Unloading supervise / cargo outturn survey

– Vehicles unload condition survey

– Container condition by IICL

– Containerized cargo stuffing survey

– Stowage & lashing approval for project cargos on flat rack, open top containers

How to draw sample for crane damaged wire for failure Analysis

Wire rope sample at parted section (both side of the parted location)  

 The sample of the parted string of wire rope / full wire at parted section – about 1 foot from both side of parted strings. (both side of the parted location of the wire ropes).


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Whether there is facility for cargo density analysis?

In Bangladesh, there is no such facility.

Crane Wire Failure Analysis ( Recommended Lab)

Ms Jennifer Lim (DID: 66610770, email: jennifer.lim@matcor.asia) from Matcor Technology & Services Private Limited

Coast To Coast

Coast To Coast has been registered with the Joint Stock Company of Bangladesh as Coast To Coast P&I Services Ltd. in the year 2003 and maintaining ISO standard since 2006. The company is committed to act as eyes and ears of the Clubs as well as to provide updated information regarding any changes to local laws or statutory requirements. Coast To Coast offers its services as first response and general claims advisors to P&I insurers and Ship Owners, Charterers . is composed of international marine lawyers and claims investigators forming an experienced claim adjusting team acting principally for P&I Clubs, H&M Underwriters and their Members. We also provide advises clients in Bangladesh on Bill of Lading disputes, Import and Export procedure, interpreting Charter Party provisions,

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To become the leading correspondent here at the Maritime Ports , of Bangladesh through professionalism.


Our vision is to pursue continuity of business by providing high quality and reliable service to our Principals and their members.

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