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Payra Port will support transit trade handling as well as economic and social development of the south middle zone of the country. In the global scenario, the South and South-East Asian countries economy can be integrated, in which Payra Port could emerge as an effective partner to Chittagong and Mongla Ports. With a planned development of Payra Port, it can be turned in to an effective port in Bangladesh and a regional hub for trade and commerce. It is said that a port can change the fate of a nation. Payra SeaPort could be such a port for Bangladesh.


Coasters and Inland Vessel Route Inland vessel lighters bulk cargo from deep draught vessel laid at Payra outer anchorage. Vessel up to maximum 20.0m draught may anchorage safety at a designated area close to fairway buoy. Entry to Rabnabad channel is clearly marked with IALA buoyage (System – A). Buoys are moored at 2.8 nm channel equidistant interval with 800 m width all along 36 nm distance from fairway to Rabnabad Channel. The position of the buoy is clearly marked in BA chart No 3051. Payra harbor starting from Rabnabad Channel entrance to a month of Kajal River in also marked with IALA buoys. IALA buoys also laid in 72 nm long Kajal – Tetulia river route for proper guidance to shipmaster.


  • Maximum Permissible Draught: Of vessel ranges from 7.2 m. to 8 m (Depending on tidal height)
  • LOA:  Maximum permissible LOA of a vessel is 200 meters.
  • Tidal Range: Tides are semi-diurnal with prominent diurnal effect. The approx. tidal range is between 2.0 and 3.5 m.
  • Pilotage: Pilotage is compulsory as per PPA ordinance.
  • Radio communication: Port Radio Control Room maintain a watch on VHF over Channel 24, 12 & 16 round the clock.





There are one bar at the mouth of the Rabnabad Channel called the Outer bar and the second the Inner bar at 2.5 km from the entrance of Tiakhali River. The 72 nautical miles long Kajal-Tetulia river route is connected with high seas through Rabnabad Channel. This river route is presently suitable for plying with 4.0m meter draught from PPA Inner Anchorage to Dhaka and other destination.  The least depth at the outer bar is 5.2 meters (approx) from the chart datum (CD) i.e. Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT). The Least depth at the inner bar 5.0 meters from Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT).)

Depth at Rabnabad Channel ranges from 11.0 meters to 25.00 meters and depth at Kajal-Tetulia river route from 4.2 meters to 17.5 meters. Max.


Salinity at  Rabnabad Channel varies from 0.1 gms/1000c.c at low water to 0.2gms/ 1000c. c  at high water during monsoons and from 2.5gms/1000c.c at low water to 16.5gms/1000c.c at high water during dry season. Salinity at Kajal river varies from 0.15gms/1000c.c at low water to 3.3gms/1000c.c at high water during monsoon and from 10gms/1000cc at low water to 27 gms/1000c.c  at high water during dry season.


The width of the navigational channel (5.0m. contour) varies from place to place. From fairway to the mouth of Rabnabad Channel there is no restriction of Navigational width. A minimum of 250 m. Channel width is maintained in Kajal- Tetulia route.


The weather in Bangladesh is largely governed by the monsoon. The prevailing wind directions are from South to South East during the months of April through September. After taking easterly direction for a while the wind turns to the northerly and northeasterly directions, the later prevail from November to January. During the months of February and March, winds turn via westerly direction back to the Southerly to South Easterly. In excess of 20 Knots/ Beaufort wind scale 5.prevails for 6 percent to time while those in access of 30 Knots/Beaufort wind scale 7 persists for about 0.1 percent of the time during cyclones i.e. During the transition between monsoon and dry seasons in May, October, and November.
The area of Payra port experienced four severe Cyclonic water surge during the last 44 years. In 1960 & 1963 speeds recorded were 125 Knots Max. In 1970 and 1991 speeds were recorded 138 Knots max. and 180 Knots max. respectively.


The tides are important for navigations as determining the possibility of crossing the shallow area between Payra Fairway and the Meghna entrance at Hizla point and the Bars within Port Limit. The tides are semi-diurnal with prominent diurnal effect. The approx. Tidal Ranges at Rabnabad Channel and Amirganj(Meghna juncture) from Chart Datum (ISLWL – Indian Spring Low Water Level which is 1.673m below mean sea level) are as follows: At Rabnabad Channel: 0.8m.-3.5m. (above ISLWL) At Amirganj(Meghna juncture): 0.7m-2.8m. (above ISLWL)


The entire channel is demarcated by let- buoys. There is no limitation for night navigation for entering/leaving harbor.


The waves are generally low shown distinct relation with the wind. Maximum wave heights over 2m were recorded only on a few days during the small parts of days. The wave periods vary between 3-4 seconds of waves of about 0.5m and about six seconds for waves of 2m. These are from an observation made by NEI (Netherlands Economic Institute) 1972–1977.

During the months May to October freshets are expected, Freshets are caused by the normal velocity of flow of ebb tide augmented by the flow of an additional volume of water that drains into the river from the catchment area. Freshets are expected when rainfall intensity reaches 200mm in 24 hours.

The density of water varies at each turn of the tide. Masters are advised to obtain the Circular from the local agents and follow the instructions closely.


A wide anchorage are is established at the outer and inner Anchorage of PPA:


>> Inner Anchorage:  Lat 21°56΄N Long 090°17.8΄E
>> Outer Anchorage:  Lat 21°21.9΄N Long 090°06.06΄E


Payra Port is a small seaport in southern Bangladesh. It was established by an Act of Parliament in 2013. The port was officially inaugurated in 2016, but work is ongoing to convert the port into a ‘deep sea port’. Payra is striving for a depth of 16 meters by 2025 when the port is fully operational.

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