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Bangladesh covers an area of 147,570 sq km, a little more than the size of Greece. It extends from 20°34 N to 26°38 N latitude and from 88°01 E to 92°41 E longitude. Maximum extension is about 440 km in the E-W direction and 760 km in the NNW-SSE direction. The country is bounded in the south by the Bay of Bengal. Although Bangladesh is a small country, the length of the coastline is more than 580 km. Chittagong port is the premier port of Bangladesh, located 15 km from the open sea. The port is situated on the banks of the Karnaphuli River. The port limit of Chittagong port outer anchorage is bounded by area with radius of 5.6 nautical miles( on the west side) from Patenga light beacon at position Lat. 22 13.54 N long, 91 48.2 E . All climatic/hydrographic information relating to CPA( Chittagong Port Authority) outer anchorage is being well documented and promulgated by various nautical publications.


The weather in Bangladesh is largely governed by the monsoon. The prevailing wind directions are from south to southeast during the month of April through September. After taking an easterly direction for a while, The wind turns to the northerly and northeasterly directions, The latter prevails from November to January. During the month of February and March, winds turn via westerly direction back to the transition periods between monsoon and season in May, October and November, extreme of inclement weather like cyclones often occur with wind velocity in excess of 30 knots. The waves are generally low showing distinct relation with the wind. The waves period vary between 3-4 seconds of waves of about 0.5 meters and about 6 seconds for waves of 2 meters. During the months May to October, freshets are expected. Freshets are caused by the normal velocity of flow of EBB tide augmented by the flow of an additional volume of water that drains into the river Karnaphuli from the catchment areas. Freshets are expected when rainfall intensity reaches 200 mm in  3 Inquiry.

Safe navigation

On arrival at the outer Anchorage, the vessels should proceed to marked anchorage clear off the prohibited Anchorage and contact the signal station Port Radio Control on VHF-ch-12 to indicate the time and position of the vessels anchored. This signal station Port Radio Control keeps constant watch and records the arrivals and departures of vessels and transmit and receives advance information of urgent nature. Chittagong port official website www.cpa.gov.bd includes required instruction to the Mariners in detail, however, relevant navigational information’s as per Chittagong port regulations are given below which need to be followed for safe navigation:

lightering at outer anchorage

info@bdpni.comLightening of cargo at Chittagong outer anchorage becomes relatively more difficult with the onset of monsoon and the period from May to October is considered as the monsoon. At any time within this period, rough sea and inclement weather is a common feature of the weather condition and often the weather condition deteriorates so abruptly that incidents, such as the one under consideration, becomes unavoidable. During this period, lighter vessels fastened alongside mother vessel experience heavy rolling and pitching often causing hard scarping, bendings and indentations to the mother vessels railing and hull.


The following Navigational Aids guide ships to approach the Port of Chittagong. REFERENCE 
a) Admiralty Chart No. 84″ Approaches to the “Karnafuli River” Bay of Bengal Folio.
b) Admiralty Chart No. 859″ “Elephant point to Matla River” Bay of Bengal Folio.
c) Bay of Bengal Pilot.


The Port of Chittagong is the principal Port of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It is situated on the right bank of the river Karnafuli at a distance of about 9 nautical miles from the shoreline of the Bay of Bengal. River Karnafuly rising in the Lushai Hill falls in the Bay of Bengal after taking a winding course of 120 nautical miles through the districts of Chittagong Hill Tracts and Chittagong.

Chittagong Port Authority official


Night Navigation vessels up to 153.00M length with the draft having 0.50M less than the days permissible draft will be allowed to take berth during Night (6 pm to 6 AM) at the Jetties from J/ltoj/13, MPB/1, MPB/2, DDJ/1, DDJ/2 and CUFLJ only.
Vessels with the midship bridge up to 165.00 m & Vessels with AFT. Bridge up to 153.00 M Length having 0.30m (1.ft) Less than the day’s permissible draft will be allowed to sail out during Night from j/1 to j/13, MPB/1, MPB/2, CCJ, GSJ, TSP, DOJ. DDJ/1, DDJ/2, & CUFL only.
Vessels with the bridge on the BOW & vessels having containers on deck obstructing a clear view of forward, will not be handled during the night. The vessel will not be allowed to take a berth at or to sail out from jetty no.14,15,17, RM/3, RM/5, RM/6, RM/8 & RM/9 During the night.

Pilotage is compulsory for ocean-going vessels. The entrance to the river is constantly changing and no vessel should attempt to enter without a pilot. Pilot boards approximately 2 nautical miles seaward of the outer Bar Buoy.

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